Queerbash: This Month In LGBTQ Struggles Around The World Politics

Queerbash: This Month In LGBTQ Struggles Around The World

Written by Matt Keeley on October 04, 2017
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Why we’re writing about this: Despite the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S., homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia and anti-LGBT sentiment continue to thrive, both at home and abroad. Whether this takes the form of physical violence or institutional violence, it’s important for our community to remain aware of anti-LGBT violence so we can educate others and work against it. 

  • In Saudi Arabia prosecutors have been seeking the death penalty for accused homosexuals, including LGBT people who ‘come out’ online. Meanwhile Saudi’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has reportedly been using undercover agents to target social media accounts that distribute ‘pornographic content or social networking tools for LGBT persons in the kingdom.’

  • A Canadian court ruled against a nightclub and bouncer who verbally and physically assaulted a trans man in the club bathroom. And a German court ruled against a landlord who refused to rent a villa to a gay couple.  

  • A Moroccan court found guilty 4 men who beat a gay couple in their home and threw them in the street naked after a video of the attack went viral. The court further convicted the victims to jail time on charges of ‘acts against nature’ and ‘sexual deviancy.’ Responding to protests, the court issued an appeal that allowed the victims to be released for ‘time served.’

  • A new video titled “The Voice of Virtue in Deterring Hell” emerged online depicting ISIS members carrying out sharia law, including amputations for accused thievery and the stoning and beheading of accused homosexuals. 

  • Out of Honduras, the Index on Censorship reported a significant increase in murders and mob violence against LGBT people in the last five years. 

  • Human Rights Watch published the accounts of Tunisian students arrested for homosexuality and tortured by the police during their detention.

  • In South Africa a lesbian teenager was murdered on her birthday. A spokesperson for support group OUT remarked that despite a rise in hate crimes, police are failing to arrest suspects: ‘The system is really failing us.’ Meanwhile from the UK, journalist Max Daly reports the slow response of London police to investigate a string of murdered gay men.  

  • From Ukraine activists spoke out on the continued ‘persecution and prejudice’ the LGBT community has suffered since the 2014 political uprising. 

  • Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring Project stated that one trans person is murdered every 21 hours in Brazil. Activist Kelli Busey spoke on the ongoing crisis and how advocates worldwide should respond.

  • In Malawi the Young Pastors Coalition called on the government to arrest the suspected 4,000 gay people living in Mzuzu city.  From the UK the head of the Church of Wales issued a statement ‘apologizing unreservedly for prejudice within the church’ against same-sex couples. And Bishops of the Church of Norway (Den Norske Kirke) voted to approve same-sex church marriages.

  • Openly gay US ambassador James Wally Brewster spoke on the insults he has faced as diplomat to the Dominican Republic, including homophobic statements from Cardinal López that led the US to lodge a complaint with the Vatican. Meanwhile the French government ended a year long stalemate with the Vatican over France’s attempted appointment of openly gay diplomat Laurent Stefanini.

  • And a new survey of Orthodox Jews found that parents of LGBT children remain closeted in fear of discrimination from within the Orthodox community.

  • At South Africa’s University of Witwatersrand a violent clash erupted between student activist groups, causing a partial shutdown of the campus as self-identified feminist and queer student activists were allegedly assaulted and a lecture hall was set on fire by others.

  • In Greece, support group LGBTQ+ TEI Athens spoke out against a string of homophobic attacks students have faced in the last month. 

  • Although the UK Department For Education plans a £3 million investment in anti-LGBT bullying programming, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers called for revision of poor ‘sex and relationships education’ (SRE), with special attention to the significant lack of support for trans students and education on gender issues. Meanwhile in Germany Katrin Ebner-Steiner, a leader within right-wing Alternative für Deutschland party, condemned a state-wide education plan to include LGBTI issues in sex education.

  • And from Australia the government debate over anti-bullying program Safe Schools Coalition ended as PM Malcolm Turnbull dramatically altered the program, cut funding, and—according to program supporters—’gutted’ it content.  

  • An article in the British Medical Journal warned that 1 in 5 UK doctors refuse to treat gender dysphoria, despite NHS guidelines. Meanwhile in Australia, Victoria’s attorney general is working to ‘remove barriers to new birth certificates for trans, gender diverse, and intersex Victorians.’

  • From Australia a new survey of LGBTI people found that their top local issue is availability of inclusive health and community services.

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