Your Quick, Dirty Guide To 5 Must-Know Stonewall Veterans

Your Quick, Dirty Guide To 5 Must-Know Stonewall Veterans

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It’s Pride month — barely 15 days from the 47th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising (the series of anti-police-harassment riots that started the modern LGBTQ rights movement) — and so we happy to share this collection of images honoring Stonewall’s most notorious troublemakers.

They helpfully remind us that the most renowned Stonewall veterans were largely people of color, trans women, sex workers and a butch dyke — such a colorful and diverse crew! No wonder audiences think that Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall is a white-washed piece of crap for claiming that a white cis hunk started the riot.

Becasue trans people, people of color and sex workers started the modern LGBT rights movement. When we ignore or disparage these folks, we’re betraying our queer ancestors. Our forbearers were social outcasts who experienced everyday anti-LGBT oppression and whose revolutionary ideas pushed us into a new age of unapologetic visibility — never forget it!

Also, we don’t know who made these images, so if you do, please tell us — we’d like to give their creator due notice.


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