A Quick Rundown of the Sketchy GOP Power Grab in North Carolina

A Quick Rundown of the Sketchy GOP Power Grab in North Carolina

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Pat McCrory, North Carolina’s transphobic governor, and the state’s Republican legislators have decided to issue a final “fuck you” to the state’s newly elected Democratic Governor Roy Cooper (and the 2,281,155 voters who elected him). Immediately following a special legislative session on hurricane relief, Republicans railroaded two bills which will severely limit Cooper’s powers in office.

Here’s a list of what these changes will do, thanks to Vox.com:

Most ominous are the election board changes which will help ensure Republican handling of any election disputes, rather ominous considering the party’s recent attempts at racist unconstitutional gerrymandering. When protestors flooded the state capitol to protest this week’s GOP power grab, they (and a journalist) got arrested. It’s pretty much guaranteed that McCrory will sign these bills. And just when we thought he couldn’t get any worse.

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