R.I.P. Jack Chick – Here’s His Top 5 Most Homophobic Religious Tracts

R.I.P. Jack Chick – Here’s His Top 5 Most Homophobic Religious Tracts

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We bring you the sad news that Jack T. Chick has died October 23. He died in his sleep at the age of 92. Jack T. Chick has been called the world’s most-read cartoonist — though he never worked at DC or Marvel.

Instead, he made a library of self-published Christian comic tracts — distributed by well-meaning Christians, outside public schools, as tips, left in stores and buses. Chick’s tracts have been translated into over 100 languages.

Of course, as beloved as they are by Christians, Chick tracts are also well-loved by non-believers. Well-known fans include cartoonists Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Mary Fleener and Seth. There’ve been documentaries about Chick, filmed adaptations of his tracts and scads of parodies.

But why would non-Christians love Chick’s work? Mostly due to his singular vision of the world and bombastic style. For example, in Chick’s world, the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons leads to suicide and the occult. Likewise, Christian Rock is run by the devil, communion wafers are “death cookies” and the true cause of global warming is, of course, Hell.

And, as you may expect from such a worldview, Jack Chick was no fan of homosexuality. So, in celebration of Chick’s life and work, we’ve selected our favorite Chick tracts about how gay people are bringing about armageddon only to end up in Hell with all the rest of the heathens.

1. Doom Town

Doom Town“, written by Chick and illustrated by Fred Carter, retells the story of Lot and the smiting of Sodom and Gomorrah to gay activists who want awful things like acceptance. Not only does “Doom Town” feature well-rendered scenes of leather daddies making out (Tom of Finland would be proud!), but it also features this page, which casts an… odd light on Lot offering his daughters:

Lot, uh, just sayin’, you’re not looking like the good guy, here. For what it’s worth the answer to “we want to rape your guests” should not be “you could do that… but why not rape someone else instead?”

Anyway — somehow, the story of Lot convinces the gay activists that the Christian character does indeed care about them… even while assuming they’re a bunch of rape-hungry psychos intent on dumping AIDS into the blood supply. Feel the love, yet?

2. Sin City

Sin City“, a Chick solo joint, is another take on the Sodom & Gomorrah story — though this one puts more focus on Abraham pleas for Sodom, and there’s no mention of Lot bargaining with his daughters. “Sin City” also follows the standard Chick trope of the put-upon evangelist, even though we’d be hard pressed to find a preacher charged with a hate crime in America — even the Westboro Baptist Church have been allowed the right to protest by the Supreme Court. (Of course, that doesn’t stop the Religious Right from claiming it’s gonna happen any day now.

3. Uninvited

Uninvited” of course hits on Sodom and Gomorrah — given that the Bible honestly doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot to say about homosexuality — but that story’s just given a couple panels. The main action in “Uninvited” takes place in an AIDS hospice, where Clara, a Christian woman who got “good AIDS” through no fault of her own — being raped at six — lectures the other patients, all gay men, about how they have “bad AIDS.” But it’s not their fault, see — thanks to the lie that homosexuality is always a result of molestation! Charming!

4. Birds and the Bees

Birds and the Bees” is one of the tracts directed at younger children. It features a simplified story of “Sodom and Gomorrah” — instead of rape, the Sodomites merely want to do “nasty things to the angels.” (And, again, no mention of Lot’s daughters.) Being for kids, the symbolism is a bit more obvious: The evil teacher looks like a cartoon witch, and the gay couple are featured with cutesy demons coming from them.

There’s also warnings about staying away from anyone who “tries to make you Gay” [sic], which is just too bad, since who doesn’t want to get a new toaster oven?

5. Home Alone?

Home Alone” is the newest tract on our list, from 2014. It opens with our main character, Charlie’s mother being deeply unconcerned that their babysitter was in a horrible car accident. But thankfully, there’s good news! (Not about the sitter, she’s probably dead.) Charlie can go to Coach Brad’s house for the night!

Unlike the others, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is reduced to only two panels. Unfortunately, that’s so Chick can pack a whole lotta molestation into the tract. After repeating the lie, againthat gay people are only gay because they were molested, Coach Brad then molests Charlie:

Chick’s crusade against “tolerance” doesn’t end there: He calls out the Day of Silence. He claims that AIDS was only renamed that from “Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disorder” because “homosexuals demanded it be called by another name.” (Probably because, you know, AIDS can hit anyone regardless of orientation?) And, well, there’s this sentence, which might have the record for most uses of the word “gay”: “Gay brainwashing floods our TV channels with gay sitcoms, gay news and gay films.”

Don’t worry, though, it all has a happy ending. Charlie discovers a copy of “Uninvited” and rejects the homosexual lifestyle, while Brad dies of AIDS and is cast into Hell. (Again, because he’s gay, not because he’s a child rapist.)

Bonus: Happy Halloween!

Okay, there’s no homophobia in “Happy Halloween,” but given the season, we couldn’t help but throw in this charmer about a kid who’s too cool for a Hell House… until he dies and goes to the original Hell House! Happy Halloween!

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