A White Supremacist Group Posted Racist and Homophobic Fliers Around a Dallas University

A White Supremacist Group Posted Racist and Homophobic Fliers Around a Dallas University

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Students at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas recently found racist and homophobic fliers on campus. The racist SMU fliers were hung by Texas Vanguard, a white supremacist group the describes itself as “The Face of American Fascism” and whose Twitter account asks people to “Join us in the struggle for race and nation.” Members of the group posted images of them giving the Nazi salute next to a racist banner they hung on campus. SMU officials are now trying to identify the men whose faces were caught on security camera.

According to smudailycampus.com, “At least two fliers were seen in the atrium of the Owen Arts Center. One speaks out against the opioid epidemic and reads, ‘protect white lives now.’ The other says members of the LGBT community have ‘misplaced pride.’”

A banner hung next to a gate by the SMU lacrosse field read, “White men! Save your people. Reject the opioid beast!” According to USA Today, 90% of all opioid and heroin overdosing deaths nationwide have happened to white people.

After the racist SMU fliers and banner were discovered, SMU President R. Gerald Turner issued a university-wide email condemning the fliers. In it, he wrote:

While SMU strongly supports freedom of speech and expression, the outside group featured on these signs promotes an abhorrent message that is opposite to SMU values. Our University community is deeply committed to maintaining an educational environment that is welcoming and inclusive. As an institution dedicated to learning, we value respectful and civil discourse.

He added that Texas Vanguard has posted similar fliers at other Texas campuses. SMU police have since started an investigation and sent out the following images of the men, unmasked and captured on security cameras near campus.


Turner said that SMU will press charges against any responsible parties and subject any involved campus members to the university’s disciplinary process.

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