Racist Tattoos: Should Their Owners Be Banished Forever, Or Is Redemption Possible?

Racist Tattoos: Should Their Owners Be Banished Forever, Or Is Redemption Possible?

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Gay porn performer Brian Michaels recently ignited a conversation about racist tattoos and whether those who have them should be shunned into a private life. And what happens if they get said tattoo covered up? Are they permanently banished, or can they be redeemed?

Michaels came under fire recently after a Confederate Flag tattoo on his left hand appeared in his some of his work. An OnlyFans.com performer-turned-gay porn star, he has appeared in films from CollegeDudes and Men.com the past few months.

Michaels was introduced to the porn industry in 2017 by his friend and fellow performer Cliff Jensen, with whom Michaels served prison time in Florida.

Last December Brian Michaels addressed the controversial Confederate Flag tattoo. In a now-deleted tweet, he wrote (link NSFW), “I will be honest and say I got it in prison because I adapted to my situation. I hope a past mistake won’t hinder my self-growth through all of this. I just wanted to say that I was ignorant and led astray for a while.”

Blake Michaels

Some came to his defense. One Twitter user wrote, “I’ve seen the tattoo. I’ve spoken to him about them in detail. Not everyone who has the Rebel Flag hates black people or is a member of the Klan. So u can take ur opinion, and the photos of him and shove it.”

Another person added, “This is making a mountain out of a molehill really. I didn’t even notice his tattoo until this was brought up. And I live in Alabama, I’ve been surrounded by that flag daily and I think nothing of it.”

The Sword (link NSFW) reports that Beaux Banks, a black gay porn performer who once appeared in a scene with Michaels, said of the tattoo:

I’ve spoken out on racism in this industry and within our community and I don’t think that this is an example of that…. I didn’t even notice the tattoo while shooting…. He came to set and was very professional…. He was also very respectful … a very humble and respectful newcomer. He was a joy to work with and never disrespected me.

Others, including Zachary Sire over at Str8UpGayPorn (link NSFW), frowned on sites like CollegeDudes hiring him and leaving the tattoo in plain sight for viewers to see:

Why would any gay porn studio (or any business at all) choose to have this symbol representing their product? And again, why couldn’t they just hire someone — anyone — else? No offense, but people with racist tattoos just shouldn’t work in visual media that’s based entirely on their physical appearance. Sorry. (Or, at the very least, the studio could’ve used makeup — or a glove?! — to cover the fucking thing up.)

Well, Michaels took to Twitter yesterday to announce he has finally had the Confederate Flag tattoo covered up, and he thanked his supporters for not bashing him because of it.

What do you think: Is it OK to bash people for racist tattoos? Is the tattoo racist in the first place? Should we applaud Brian Michaels for doing the right thing? Or is too little too late? Sound off in the comments.

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