Watch This Brazilian Boy Break the Internet With a Grocery Basket of Dance Moves

Watch This Brazilian Boy Break the Internet With a Grocery Basket of Dance Moves

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If you had to do the shopping this morning, we bet it wasn’t like this. This is the newest viral video in Brazil, and it’s going to be your new favorite thing.

The video is a remake of the actual promo video for the song, “Paradinha” by Anitta — whom you might know from Iggy Azalea’s newest song, “Switch“:

Both video feature their stars sexily dancing their way through the supermarket. Anitta goes to a few more locations, like the laundromat, but we prefer Rafael’s commitment and loyalty to his local grocery store.

We were able to get the inside scoop on the video from Rafael himself. He told us the video was shot in his neighborhood grocery in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro — while he and his friend running the camera were shopping!

Rafael said it was “a bit difficult to get started because i was a bit apprehensive about how people would react. I didn’t want to get kicked out of a store in my neighborhood! You might notice in some takes I’m still a holding back a little, but then I was like ‘whatever’ and got loose.”

As you can see in the video, he needn’t have worried. One of the best scenes is when a woman starts dancing with him. (Though Rafael’s personal favorite part is the older woman who stares into the camera.)

Rafael says the video was shot as part of an online game put on by the Facebook page Please Come to Brazil. They had a contest encouraging people to do parodies of Anitta’s “Paradinha” video, though as Rafael says, he “went a little bit extra.” And it was worth it — the video quickly became a hit.

Much of that popularity came from Rafael’s sense of humor. “I had some ideas for shots that were similar to the original video. But I also wanted to make it funny. So I started to work with what was around as props.”

It’s that humor, combined with his dancing skills that make this video such a big hit. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that Rafael’s a great dancer — he’s a performer in his own right.

He recently released his first single, “I Want You,” which is a perfect slice of dance-pop. He’s also preparing a new EP, Better Late than Later, for a July release. The new single coming with the EP will be called “Put It Down.” Here’s hoping he shoots a video for that one — he’s clearly got the skills!

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