Rainbow Noise: Talk of the Town

Rainbow Noise: Talk of the Town

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Our cewebrity crush, Jay Squared from Rainbow Noise, sent us the group’s latest music video for their single Talk of the Town today. Real talk, the gay rap crew is definitely working on a tight budget, and it shows. But these kids can spit!

Rainbow Noise is easily as talented as most of the MC’s on the radio right now. We’d love to see a label with some money take a chance on these kids and throw some money and promotion behind them. Or maybe a pioneering voice in hip-hop that understands the power of the LGBT community like Nicki Minaj or 50 Cent could open some doors for them?

Gay hip-hop might seem like something of an oxymoron, but the truth is that there is an almost volcanic interest in gays within the rap world. Rappers looooove talking about homosexuality (No homo, y’all!), and gay rumors have killed many a rap career (How are you doing these days, Lloyd Banks? Anyone hear from Sisqo lately? ). But gay allegations can only kill a career if rappers allow it to. Rainbow Noise not only embraces their sexuality, they focus on it. Jay Squared invited us all to call her Dyke Turner, after all.

We want to see big things from these kids. We’re you’re biggest fans!

What do you think of Rainbow Noise?

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