Randy Rainbow Breaks Into Song: ‘Donald Trump, Grow Up’

Randy Rainbow Breaks Into Song: ‘Donald Trump, Grow Up’

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The world may be in ruins post-election, but there’s one thing Trump and his alt-right cabinet of racist, neo-Nazi sympathizers can never take away from us: Randy Rainbow!

He was there to make us laugh throughout this year’s election, and we’re happy to see that Doomsday won’t be putting an end to this gay comic’s smart brand of musical comedy. Rainbow, 34, who crafts his parody videos in his sixth-floor NYC studio, with only a green screen and his Persian cat as an audience, has been releasing a parody video each week as of late, and his latest vid follows the most recent Trump/Pence scandal, #Hamiltongate. (Brush up on Pence’s momentous night at the theater here, and Trump’s inflated response here.)

In his new video, Rainbow gives President-elect Donald Trump a bit of advice: Grow the eff up! (The eff is our own emphasis.)

It’s set to the tune of “You’ll Be Back,” a number originally performed by Jonathan Groff as King George in Hamilton, and the song skewers both Trump and his VP-elect.

Rainbow says it better than we ever could: “Don’t renounce a Broadway play when you won’t denounce the KKK.” Enjoy.



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