Rapture Believer Shoots Coworker After World Fails To End

Rapture Believer Shoots Coworker After World Fails To End

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Surely you remember the Great Rapture That Wasn’t of 2011? And the bankruptcies and suicides that followed? It’s time to add another strike against doomsday prophet Harold Camping.


Jerry Andrews was shot in the shoulder at a Eugene, Ore., hydraulics shop on Friday. The accused shooter is a coworker who had believed that the rapture would occur on May 21.

It didn’t. And his coworkers noticed.

The Register-Guard reported that Robin O’Brien, Andrews’ mother, says her son was shot after coworkers had teased the rapture believer.

“He’d been getting some ribbing from the guys in the shop, and I guess he simmered over that,” she told the newspaper.

Andrews, 33, told police that the shooter called him “one of those Satanic” people after wounding him.

Andrews shoulder will have to be medically repaired. The accused shooter has been charged with assault and jailed.

(via SeattlePI)

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