A Man Who Flirted with Ray Allen Online Says the NBA Player Knew He Wasn’t a Woman

A Man Who Flirted with Ray Allen Online Says the NBA Player Knew He Wasn’t a Woman

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A Florida man is alleging that he’s being stalked by former NBA player Ray Allen. Allen has responded with a motion saying that he, in fact, is the one being stalked. Their contact began, Allen said, after the man catfished him by pretending to be “a number of attractive women interested in him.”

Bryant Coleman — a staffer in the communications department at the University of Central Florida — says he was not catfishing Allen and that the two were in a romantic relationship. But Allen’s attorney tells TMZ the man is lying.

Coleman says Allen’s allegations that he pretended to be a woman to obtain “private information” about Ray are false.

Coleman claims that Allen freely offered up the information, along with pictures and videos, knowing that Coleman is a man. He says their relationship goes back several years.

“[Ray’s] account of our relationship is false,” Coleman said in a statement. “Ray knows how I look, he knows how my voice sounds, he knows how I think, and most importantly, he knows my heart.”

“However, because of confidentially considerations, I am not in a position to provide a more detailed response to Mr. Allen’s false and salacious claims. I will rely on the courts to protect me against Mr. Allen’s violent threats and false accusations.”

TMZ reached out to Allen’s legal team for comment and his attorney denied Coleman’s claims.

“Mr. Coleman’s statement would be funny if it wasn’t so crazy,” Allen’s lawyer said.

“There has never been and never will be a relationship or friendship between Ray Allen and Mr. Coleman. They have never met and never have spoken.”

“Ray obviously hasn’t threatened anyone. Any statement or inference otherwise is a complete fabrication. Ray wants nothing to do with Mr. Coleman, who obviously has some serious issues with understanding the difference between fact and fantasy.”

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