unicorn booty, gay business, gay blog, gay news
unicorn booty, gay business, gay blog, gay news

READ: Do It For The Kids

UB Reader Jim Karnitz pointed us in the direction of the Friends of Yuen Lui Guild, a non-profit raising money and book donations for Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. For those of you unfamiliar with the Emerald City institution, it’s one of the top LGBT-friendly medical facilities in the nation. Here’s more straight from the unicorn’s Jim’s mouth:

Children’s is a very gay and diverse friendly place to work. The hospital provides the exact same benefits for domestic partners as “legally” married couples, has a whole department dedicated to diversity, and the staff even marches in the local Pride Parade every year.

We are organizing an online book drive for the month of February with Elliot Bay Book Co., another of wonderfully progressive company in Seattle. We will be donating all the new books to the playroom at Children’s every Monday in March, and Elliot Bay has agreed to donate 20% of all proceeds to our guild.

unicorn booty, gay business, gay blog, gay newsFantastic! The entire program is being organized by ten friends, who saw an opportunity to help out and jumped right in. We love to see and support efforts like these, and we hope you’ll take a moment out of your day to share this fundraiser with a pal and make a donation to provide a book. Books are available for as little as a $5 donation. That’s less than lunch!

Altruism is sexy, and doing something good for the organizations that provide care and support for the LGBT community looks damn good on you. Tell us you’ve made a donation, and we’ll even give you a shout out on UB!

Will you make a donation today?

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