This Real-Life Gay Couple Proves the Pink Dollar Power of Social Media Stars (NSFW)

This Real-Life Gay Couple Proves the Pink Dollar Power of Social Media Stars (NSFW)

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Dave and AJ are monkey_bizness, a real-life gay #instacouple with over 61,900 followers. The pair live separately in Boston and New York, but their Instagram photos bring them close together and give their viewers an intimate, thirst-inducing look at their recreational and romantic life.

The Canadian-based men’s underwear and swimwear company Garçon Model apparently noticed the pair’s popularity and made them the cover models for their Elite Sport summer collection. Let’s enjoy Dave and AJ modeling the goods below:

For a while now, corporate brands have tapped LGBTQ social media influencers as a way to market their products to the pink dollar. Dave and AJ are the latest example, but previous examples include gay actor Max Emerson who used his Instagram account to promote Vestige brand clothes, Kyle Krieger who used his to promote hair products and trans model Gigi Gorgeous who used hers to promote Revlon cosmetics.

Cosmetics companies have also capitalized on this trend of late: earlier this year, Rimmel London chose 17 year-old YouTube star Lewys Ball to be their first male spokesperson, Maybelline hired male beauty vlogger Manny Gutierrez as their social media model and in 2016, CoverBoy hired 17-year-old YouTube sensation James Charles to help sell their products.

Back in 2011, before Instagram became as popular as it is now, corporate brands tapped gay video influencers including Randall, the sibilant narrator of the “Crazy Nasty Ass Honey Badger” video who voiced over a commercial for Grasshopper phone services and Brian Gallivan, the gay comedian who started using his popular Sassy Gay Friend comedy videos to promote MiO water flavoring.

It makes sense why a company would choose already established LGBTQ social media stars: It allows them to market to a niche demographic in a subtle way that avoids social outrage. (You never hear One Million Moms raging against an Instagram campaign.) Social media stars also have a more direct relationship with their fans, allowing them to engage and respond back in a way that companies don’t have time for, and making fans feel like the products are being suggested by friends rather than pushed by marketers.

Anyway, AJ and Dave seem a good fit for the Garçon Model brand, as evidenced by the collection of sexy Instagram images below. In this way, the LGBTQ social media influencers aren’t just selling the companies’ brands, they’re also selling their own personal brand as professional lifestyle marketers.

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