The Weird, Heartbreaking Pre-‘Steven Universe’ Work of Rebecca Sugar

The Weird, Heartbreaking Pre-‘Steven Universe’ Work of Rebecca Sugar

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Before Rebecca Sugar became the creator of Steven Universe (the most progressive cartoon in the world), she drew some comic strips and animation shorts for school and her own enjoyment. We’ve collected a few for you here because they’re really quite lovely and even a tinge sad.

Take, for instance, “Don’t Cry For Me, I’m Already Dead”, her comic about two good friends who make each laugh by quoting lines from The Simpsons. It’s all smiles and quips… until one of them gets into a car accident.


If you’d like Sugar to keep playing on your heartstrings, you can read the rest of it here. But if you prefer lighter fare, take a look at some of her more cartoon videos below!

“Johnny Noodleneck”

A short tale of a kidnapper in a hot-air balloon who only wants to play some music and make a little money. It’s a sweet little tale if you can get past the whole child abduction thing, plus the end credits show off Sugar’s love of music.


Living alone can be hard, especially when you have an empty feeling in your chest where a smaller version of you resides. Sugar plays with perception and emotion in her exploration of the solitude, claustrophobia and simple pleasures of single life.

Sugar Frosted Boukas

Aaaaaaand if you’re hungry for more, here’s a weird, sketchy animated loop that shows a Steven Universe-esque character and his mohawked friend dancing next to a bowl of breakfast cereal as some sugar puffs float in the air. The music and facial expressions are weird and otherworldly, but darn if that doesn’t describe the cartoonist’s aesthetic to a T.

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