Yes, Guys Are Still Uploading Reddit Dick Pics to Protest the NSA

Yes, Guys Are Still Uploading Reddit Dick Pics to Protest the NSA

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Reddit is pretty much a repository for anything you could ever dream up, and yes, to no one’s surprise, Reddit dick pics are a thing.

In case you weren’t aware, there is a Reddit thread called “Dick Pics 4 Freedom” (link obviously NSFW) that invites guys to upload cock shots—all to protest the American government’s use of the National Security Administration (NSA) to surveil its citizens.

An act of protest has never been more raunchy, and we love it.

The Reddit thread has been around for nearly two years, racking up literally hundreds of sexy guys and their naughty bits, but with Cheeto Jesus now at the helm of the American executive branch, protesting the U.S. government’s misdeeds has never been more important.

You’re doing it wrong.

For those wondering, the thread began—strangely enough—after a segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in which the host sat down with notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden. When Oliver jokingly asked Snowden whether guys should stop taking dick pics now that we know about the government’s covert surveillance programs, Snowden replied, “You shouldn’t change your behavior because of a government agency somewhere that’s doing the wrong thing. If you sacrifice your values because you’re afraid, you don’t care about those values very much.”

And thus the Reddit thread of all Reddit threads was born.

Sure, the thread is pretty much just a place for horned-up guys to seek validation for their occasionally wonky dicks, but hey, we aren’t complaining!

We particularly love the hilarious messages that accompany several of the photos—things like “My dick for freedom,” “Throwing it out for freedom,” and “Am I doing this right?” (It was a woman, and no, she wasn’t.)

Oh, and what could be the best of all: “My house is getting remodeled. I had to move a bunch of stuff around, so here’s my dick … for freedom.”

Watch the clip from Oliver’s show below, but if you’d rather get straight to the Reddit dick pics, here ya go.

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