Study: 1 in 5 Brits Would Refuse a Same-Sex Wedding Invitation

Study: 1 in 5 Brits Would Refuse a Same-Sex Wedding Invitation

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Research released by insurance provider Emerald Life reveals that one out of every five United Kingdom residents would refuse an invitation to a same-sex wedding.

Emerald Life told Attitude, “One in five (21%) people in the UK would refuse an invitation to a same sex wedding or are unsure if they would attend. A further 11% would attend but admitted that they would feel uneasy during parts of the day.”

Unsurprisingly, it’s mostly older people who feel this way. Emerald Life’s research found that just half of people over the age of 65 think they can attend a same-sex wedding ceremony without “discomfort.” That means the bride or groom’s parents or grandparents or aunts and uncles might not attend or show support. It’s heartbreaking.

Emerald Life’s CEO Heidi McCormack said:

Our research shows that while marriage equality legislation has had a positive impact within the LGBT community, it has done little to challenge the views of a significant number of Brits. The fact that only half of the over 65s would attend a same sex wedding is frankly depressing.

These are the parents of fiancés and excited soon-to-be newlyweds up and down the country. Thankfully younger generations are much more progressive which shows the fight for equality is paying off. But it will take time.

Same-sex marriage became legal in the United Kingdom in 2014. Over the following 18 months, over 15,000 same-sex couples wed.  About one out of every eight marriages in Scotland is same-sex.

But even so, social attitudes haven’t quite caught up with the legal change, particularly among members of conservative religions.

And much of the Western world still hasn’t legalized same-sex marriage. Germany and Australia still lag behind, as does Italy. Same-sex couples there have to travel to other countries in order to tie the knot.


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