Middle School Accidentally Promotes ‘Christmas Sweater Day’ With Image of Reindeer Orgy

Middle School Accidentally Promotes ‘Christmas Sweater Day’ With Image of Reindeer Orgy

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Tales of reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh and images of reindeer walking across the wintry plains have made the antlered creature a common Christmastime icon. So it makes sense that the Hyde Park Junior School in Plymouth, England included an image of a sweater with four reindeer on it in a parent-student newsletter encouraging students to wear holiday-themed sweaters. The only problem is that the sweater they featured had four reindeer having sex. Did they want kids to wear a reindeer sex sweater?!?


A faculty oversight caused the reindeer sex sweater snafu

Sweaters of reindeer humping have become a popular sub-genre of the ugly Christmas sweater trend. You can find numerous varieties online including ones that show three reindeer all mounting each other in a sort of caribou sex sandwich — hawt!

The school’s head teacher Tina Jackson (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty), admitted that the school’s faculty hadn’t looked very closely at the image before sending out the newsletter, and apologized to parents for the oversight.

“We’re sorry if it has offended anyone and hope it doesn’t spoil our good intention of encouraging pupils to support a very worthy cause,” Jackson said.

Here’s the sweater shown in the Hyde Park Junior School newsletter


Reindeer sex sweaters are actually quite educational and queer!

In some ways, the sweater is actually very educational. Biological reproduction among creatures of the arctic tundra is a fact of life — what better opportunity for parents and kids to discuss procreation than with a Christmas sweater of animals humping?

Furthermore, a recent viral Tweet said that male reindeer usually lose their antlers in winter, meaning that the antlered reindeer humping on each other might all be female. That’s right — it’s a possible lesbian reindeer orgy. Looks like Christmas is coming several times this year!

British tabloids report that most parents expressed slight annoyance or amusement via social media.

One parent named Jacqui Tucker wrote, “Is there really any need for this? Xmas is for children, not this sort of thing.” Another named Michael Whiddon wrote, “The one time I regret not reading my daughter’s school newsletter.”

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