Remember When Melania Trump Defended the Racist Birther Movement? (Video)

Remember When Melania Trump Defended the Racist Birther Movement? (Video)

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The Babbling Birther

A netizen dug up a clip from 2011 in which Melania Trump defends her husband’s racist conspiracy theory that Obama was not really an American citizen.

For those of you lucky enough to have forgotten about this, a few years ago, Donald Trump was a major part of the “Birther” movement. The Birthers argued that Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya, and therefore unqualified to serve as the President of the United States. One of the Birthers’ biggest pieces of “evidence” was, they claimed, the fact that Obama had no birth certificate. Only… he did. He totally did. Obama has a birth certificate from Hawaii, his home state. It’s on record.

The Birthers claimed that this wasn’t proof of Obama’s citizenship, because it wasn’t really a birth certificate; it’s actually a “Certificate of Live Birth”, which is totally a different thing! (Just kidding. It isn’t. A Certificate of Live Birth is a birth certificate. It is literally the exact same thing.)

In the clip above, talk show host Joy Behar tries to reason with Melania. In response, Melania babbles incoherently about jobs and children.

The reality is that Obama was obviously born in the United States. All the evidence says so. The only reason to believe he wasn’t is a slimy, racially-motivated idea that a black man doesn’t count as a “real” American.

Free Melania?

Trump’s cold behavior toward Melania during the inauguration ceremony has led netizens to feel sorry for her.

Judging by these images, it is easy to start feeling pity for Melania Trump. She seems to be in an unhappy marriage to a vulgar man who doesn’t respect her.

But don’t start talking about freeing Melania. She wasn’t kidnapped. This isn’t the Bronze Age; she wasn’t given as a tribute to the local warlord by the elders of her tribe. Melania chose to marry Donald Trump.

Branding her a helpless victim denies her of agency. It’s the sort of benevolent sexism that says we should keep women out of the workforce in order to avoid overwhelming their dainty constitutions. She’s an adult—an adult who chose money over integrity. An adult who defends her slimy husband’s bigotry and cruelty.

Don’t feel sorry for Melania Trump. Feel sorry for the ordinary working Americans whom she and her husband will abuse over the next few years.

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