A Republican Mayor Lip-Synced In Drag For a Good Cause and Now People Are Pissed

A Republican Mayor Lip-Synced In Drag For a Good Cause and Now People Are Pissed

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Derek Easterling, a Republican mayor of a small town in Georgie, is under fire for dressing in drag at an Alzheimer’s disease benefit. Some locals are calling his performance inappropriate, not because he didn’t know the words, but because they think a mayor shouldn’t do drag.

“Dressing as a drag queen is not an honorable manner for holding a title where he represents a various and diverse group of people, all who have different opinions,” said Debra Ashley Williams, Cobb County Republican Party Vice Chair.

“As a mayor, I think there’s other things that he could do to get a message out there,” another resident said.

A navy veteran and former deputy sheriff, the Kennesaw mayor is standing by his decision and telling reporters he would do it all again with no regrets.

“That was my performance: over the top,” Easterling told 11 Alive. “[I wanted to] get people’s attention and say, ‘Hey look, if I can do this, you can too.’” He said the crowd was into it. “They were so loud, they were louder than the music. I couldn’t hear the music.”

While some on social media are slamming Easterling for his “Lady Marmalade” boudoir look, others are praising him.

On Facebook, Terrence White wrote:

The Mayor of Kennesaw, Derek Easterling, dressed in drag for a charitable event and a few of his constituents (more so those on the right) have decided to ridicule him for his kind and courageous act. I commend him for stepping out and enjoying himself for a charitable cause. More elected officials should take a note and try to become a little more open.

Trust me, the city of Kennesaw have many other issues to concern themselves over rather than bashing its mayor over his choice to dress drag **for a charitable event** with lip sync in its title. Drags lip sync. They dress up. Get over yourselves people.

“There’s already enough negative in the world. Let’s move forward. Let’s have a little fun. Let’s raise awareness,” Easterling adds. “Everything is already so tough. Why make it even harder?”

Now those are words we know Mama Ru would be behind. Derek Easterling, or Kitty Kennsesaw as we’d like to refer to you as now… shantay, you stay!

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