Resisting Republicans Is The Most “Pro-Life” Thing We Can Do

Resisting Republicans Is The Most “Pro-Life” Thing We Can Do

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It all started first thing Monday morning, with Obama indicating that he would be tackling gun violence. Republicans, of course, reacted with outrage — calling his proposal unconstitutional before he even revealed what his proposal was. They didn’t need to see it — they’d already made up their mind.

Of course, as it turned out, Obama’s proposal was awfully modest — some might say too modest. Essentially he just wants to enforce existing laws, conduct background checks on gun buyers and also spend $500 million on mental health.

Doesn’t sound quite so unconstitutional when you say it that way, does it?

And bear in mind that 92 percent of Americans support background checks for gun buyers. So who still opposes checks?

Republicans whose careers are financed by the NRA, that’s who. There’s GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who’s cached $600,000 from the NRA: “another lawless, unconstitutional overreach,” she said.

And there’s Texas Representative Pete Sessions, whom the NRA has purchased for $64,000 in donations. “misguided and unconstitutional,” he said of Obama’s plan to hire 200 people so that there are fewer delays when making sure a gun purchaser doesn’t have a history of violent crime.

Bear in mind that 30 people are shot and murdered by guns in this country every day. There are 10,000 gun homicides in the country every year. If you want something to get worked up about, how about getting worked up about that loss of life?

But no. As far at the GOP is concerned, they’re only pro-life until it means choosing between life and the National Rifle Association.

Of course, there are other well-funded groups working to end gun violence. But groups like Sandy Hook Promise —the national non-profit founded after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting — will never be able to match the bribes of the gun industry.

Having started the week off with a salute to guns, Republicans ended it by “repealing” Obamacare. Of course, in reality they did nothing of the sort, but when’s the last time you saw a Republican walking around with their head in reality?

Congressional Republicans know that they could never push an Obamacare repeal bill past Democrats. But they were able to sneak it into a reconciliation package, which is a technical way of saying that they were able to bypass any filibustering.

But the method also ties the GOP’s hands a bit by limiting the “repeal” of Obamacare to just a few elements. And what’s more, Obama immediately vetoed the legislation, and there’s nowhere near enough votes to override his veto.

So, way to go Republicans! Your empty gesture has been entirely meaningless.

So why do it at all? Probably a thinly-veiled reminder that they would repeal Obamacare if we get a Republican president. It’s meant to galvanize their base to vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination. But I hope it has the opposite effect: galvanizing Democrats to come out in force and donate billions of dollars to ensure a Bernie or Hillary win. Because resisting Republicans is the most pro-life thing you can do.

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