#ResistMarch Withdrawal? Check Out This Footage From the L.A. Rally

#ResistMarch Withdrawal? Check Out This Footage From the L.A. Rally

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As you likely know by now, this year saw L.A. Pride cancel its annual parade, replacing it with the more politically charged #ResistMarch.

There is now a healthy debate around whether Pride festivals and parades should stay a festive celebration of the LGBT community, or whether they should return to their roots of political action and demonstrations. (They are in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots, after all!)

As thousands of marchers poured into the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday, June 11, YouTuber Jeff Garber flew across the country to speak with the marchers. In the video above, he speaks to them about why they’re marching and how they feel about the change.

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For those who weren’t able to attend L.A.’s #ResistMarch — or the march that took place that same day in Washington, D.C. —  here’s your chance to see footage of what you missed in California.

Speakers ranged from the state’s local politicians (Adam Schiff, “Auntie” Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Lieu) to the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, RuPaul and Margaret Cho.

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As you’d expect, there was a fair amount of Trump-bashing, but most of the day’s speakers focused on celebrating the LGBT community and its commitment to justice and solidarity in the face of adversity. Or, as Lorri Jean of the L.A. LGBT Center said in front of thousands of gathered marchers, “We must remind ourselves that fighting for justice and winning is what we know how to do!”

If you’re unable watch the entire video, be sure to at least jump to 2:57, where you’ll hear Margaret Cho throw some hilarious shade at Trump’s makeup-blending skills.

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