A Kardashian Helped This Indian Gay Man Come Out To His Parents on National TV (Video)

A Kardashian Helped This Indian Gay Man Come Out To His Parents on National TV (Video)

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Not all reality TV is trash, you know? In a new episode of Khloe Kardashian’s television show Revenge Body, the reality star helps an Indian gay man not only lose some weight, but also come out to his parents.

The man, named Mayank, revealed how he struggles with weight and body issues while also dealing with his parents who are pressuring him into marrying a woman.

He said, “My parents bring up weddings and arranged marriages all the time.”

He explained how his mother frequently shows him a photo of a girl she thinks he should date.

“My parents don’t know that I’m gay because it’s just easier than disappointing them,” he said. “The Indian culture that I know — being gay is so taboo — it’s frowned upon and nobody wants to talk about it.”

He then revealed that he has struggled with his weight from a young age, something that only got worse later in life. Mayank said, “When I started dating Andrew, I used to eat a lot with him.”

The rest of the episode follows Mayank on his journey to lose some weight with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.

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About 12 weeks later, Mayank sheds 44 pounds and reveals his fabulous new look to family members. It was after this life-changing reveal that he decided to make another life-changing decision: to come out to parents with the cameras rolling.

During an emotional sit-down, he explains to his parents, “This whole experience had made me really understand who I am and just be myself and own to who I am. That person is a gay man who’s in love with his boyfriend.”

Mayank’s father responds lovingly. “You’re my child,” he tells him. “Your happiness is my happiness, so I accept you. I accept you for what you are and I want to see you happy.”

Can someone please pass us a tissue? Also, where can we get Mayank’s “Curry Daddy” shirt cause we need one now.

Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian airs Sundays at 10/9c on E!

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