Gay Designer Unveils ‘Fuck Trump’ Dress at Austin Pride Event

Gay Designer Unveils ‘Fuck Trump’ Dress at Austin Pride Event

Written by Matt Keeley on October 03, 2017
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Don’t ever let anyone tell you fashion isn’t political. Former Project Runway contestant Rey Ortiz puts the lie to that with his anti-Trump fashions. And don’t worry — Ortiz is not subtle. It’s pretty much impossible to misunderstand Ortiz’s sentiments with a dress like this:


The “F U C K T R U M P,” as he calls it, made its debut modelled by Gray at the Project Runway WERK Fashion Show at this year’s Austin Pride. In an interview with Fop, Ortiz says:

The FUCK TRUMP dress was born by my desire to put in my two cents. We need to use every last resource to keep people like him away from our society’s future. It was a message from the heart and I know it matched what some Americans won’t/can’t say easily. So yeah, FUCK ALL THINGS TRUMP. He is a mess!

Of course, one dress does not a statement make — Ortiz has been working on other Trump fashions. In particular, we love Ortiz’s highlylauded bomber jacket for Lance Bass’ red-carpet appearance at the VMA which read “Love Trumps Hate” on the back.

#lancebass in @fashionbyreyortiz #bomber #jacket photography by @tatephoto

A post shared by Rey Ortiz (@fashionbyreyortiz) on


We’re not sure, but we’d like to think Tim Gunn would approve. With threads this stylish, maybe even Trump himself would approve. Well, probably not, but at least he’d agree it beats being a buttplug.

Because we can’t get enough of these, we’ve included more pictures — including an in-progress shot and a video! — from Ortiz’s Instagram.

Soon by @fashionbyreyortiz #fashion

A post shared by Rey Ortiz (@fashionbyreyortiz) on

I said it #donaldtrump gorgeous model @_xgray

A post shared by Rey Ortiz (@fashionbyreyortiz) on

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