Richard Simmons Has Been Missing for 3 Years, and His Friend Blames Witchcraft

Richard Simmons Has Been Missing for 3 Years, and His Friend Blames Witchcraft

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Perky fitness guru Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen in public since 2014. What’s happening? Maybe he’s taking a break from public life. Or, as his former massage therapist alleges, maybe he’s being held captive by a housekeeper using black magic bruja powers.

It’s been three years since Richard Simmons disappeared from the public eye. That’s surprising enough — Simmons was always a sparkly performer who seemed to love attention. But it gets weirder. His friends haven’t seen him, either. We understand wanting some “me time,” but three years is a really long time to be by yourself.

Simmons spoke to the Today show via phone call in 2016. Since then, there has been nothing but silence.

Naturally, there have been rumors explaining his disappearance. Some have claimed Simmons is transitioning — claims that his Facebook page denied.

Some wonder if he’s depressed and just doesn’t want to go out. Despite his perky public persona, Simmons has struggled with self-loathing.

Others speculate that he has put on weight and is too embarrassed to be seen that way.

And one of Simmons’s friends, massage therapist Mauro Oliveira, claims that the Disco Sweat star is being held hostage by a bruja housekeeper using black magic.

On the third episode of podcast Missing Richard Simmons, Oliveira said that Simmons told him his life is being controlled by his maid. “She’s a witch!” Oliveira says. And he’s being literal — he genuinely believes she has supernatural powers.

Simmons’s representative Tom Estey denies the witchy accusation. He told People that the podcast’s claims are a “load of crap.”

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