Gay, Jewish Musical Uncle Knocks Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Over ‘Cabaret’ Tweet

Gay, Jewish Musical Uncle Knocks Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Over ‘Cabaret’ Tweet

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CNN contributor Jason Kander delivered a blow to neo-Nazi punch-absorber Richard Spencer’s ego on Twitter over the musical Cabaret.

White nationalist dork Spencer posted a tweet claiming “tomorrow belongs to us.” The phrase is a references to a show tune from 1972’s screen adaptation of Cabaret, an ultra-queer musical about the nightclub scene in 1930s Berlin.

It’s a little odd that a neo-Nazi would reference a fictional Liza Minnelli film rather than an authentic Nazi anthem. Couldn’t he think of any actual Hitler Youth songs?

Anyway, Kander quickly jumped in with a response:

Richard Spencer excels at what Twitter users refer to as the art of the self-own. His wife left him (though they haven’t officially divorced yet), he got punched in the head while talking about a cartoon frog, he got thrown out of CPAC and recently he lost his tax-exempt status by forgetting to file. We look forward to seeing how he wrecks himself next.

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