White Nationalist Richard Spencer Got Pulled from a Cab and Glitter Bombed Last Weekend

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Got Pulled from a Cab and Glitter Bombed Last Weekend

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Alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer got dragged out of a cab and glitter bombed by Antifa protesters at an anti-war demonstration on Saturday.

The Glittering

Spencer was in Washington, D.C. to protest President Trump’s missile strike against Syria. Surprisingly, many neo-Nazis and white nationalists are against involvement in Syria, and had hoped that Trump would take an interventionist foreign policy. They were disappointed, just as they were disappointed when Trump signed a bill to kill internet privacy.

This protest might have been an attempt by the alt-right to team up with the anti-war left. It didn’t work so well.

But while Spencer was leading a group of white nationalists in a pro-Assad demonstration, he was confronted by a group of counter-protesters, many of whom belonged to AntiFa, an anti-fascist group that advocates violence against neo-Nazis.

The counter-protesters surrounded Spencer and his crew and shouted at them.

Spencer hid behind police officers. When he tried to leave, someone hit him with a bag of glitter (seen below):

Here’s the glitter bombing close up:

Dick Spencer gets glitter bombed!

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Soon after, Spencer fled to a cab. But he wasn’t able to escape.

Spencer claims that Antifa protesters surrounded the car and forced the driver out:

Anti-Fascist News writes:

Spencer said what happened was that Antifa disallowed him to get in his “getaway” car and the police instructed him to get in a cab.  Once he was in one the cab driver (who Spencer mocked for being of Indian origin) got out of the cab, frightened of the ensuing protesters, and Spencer had to take off running.

We can’t help but wonder if the cab driver might have stuck around if Spencer hadn’t made racist remarks at him. (Lifehack: don’t insult your getaway driver’s ethnicity.)

The Punch Heard Round the Internet

This isn’t the first time Richard Spencer has been physically confronted. He got punched in the head by a mysterious masked assailant on Inauguration Day. The incident inspired a massive debate about whether or not it’s moral to punch Nazis. Video of the attack was remixed with jokes and pop songs:

Some media outlets are claiming that Spencer was punched in the face this past weekend, but he denies it:

So it looks like he wasn’t seriously injured. Just aggressively decorated.


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