Ricky Martin Met His Fiancé on Instagram, Here Are 10 Pics of His Sexy Ass (Photos)

Ricky Martin Met His Fiancé on Instagram, Here Are 10 Pics of His Sexy Ass (Photos)

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We’re big fans of Ricky Martin’s hot-assed fiancé, Jwan Yosef. He’s handsome, an artist, has a quirky sense of humor and looks great naked. This week on Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM radio show, Martin revealed that he met Yosef via Instagram. Wait, you can use Instagram as a dating app? Tell us more, Mr. Martin….

Martin told Cohen that Martin is actually an avid art collector and that, while searching Instagram’s #art hashtag, he found one of Yosef’s pieces, went over to the Yosef’s personal Instagram and liked what he saw (yeah, we’re sure he did).

“I wrote to him,” Martin said, “and then we were talking for, like, six months, without me hearing his voice. And we talked about art, nothing sexy. (laughs) ‘For six months, nothing sexy??!‘ I swear. It was all about art and life in general and one day, he used to live in London, and I went to London and I met him. Game over.”

Martin says they’ve been dating for more than one year. Martin proposed and while they don’t have a wedding date yet, Martin would like a huge three-day wedding.

You can watch a 20-minute clip of Martin’s interview with Cohen or just enjoy more shots of Martin’s sexy fiancé below. unlike Cohen, we weren’t lucky enough to snag an invite to the three-day wedding, but we’d appreciate being invited to the honeymoon—BOOM-CHICKA-BOW-WOW!

(Photos via Jwan Yosef’s Instagram)

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