Bisexual Glam Rocker Ricky Rebel Releases New Music Video for ‘If You Were My Baby’

Bisexual Glam Rocker Ricky Rebel Releases New Music Video for ‘If You Were My Baby’

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Today, the new music video for out glam rocker Ricky Rebel’s hit single, “If You Were My Baby” came out.

In his new single, Rebel sings about how one should never be afraid to ask for what he or she wants in life. Rebel, who has been open about his interest in both sexes, believes confidence is the most attractive quality a man or woman can possess and that it can help people land that special person they thought was out of reach.

“If You Were My Baby” has an 80’s Prince sound, and for good reason. Producer Sam Harmonix used the same synth keyboard and tuned it to the sounds that Prince used on his keyboards to produce the song.

“I didn’t know it until way after I had recorded the vocals,” Rebel explains. “It’s probably why the track resonates with me so much. I love 80’s glam pop stars like Bowie, George Michael, Michael Jackson, and Prince, all of whom are now gone. There is a divo void that I intend to fill. It is my responsibility to carry the male glam pop torch”.

Rebel was the lead vocalist of Michael Jackson’s boy-band, No Authority. The group toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child and Jessica Simpson. Ricky went solo as Ricky Rebel in 2012.

Since then, he has released two albums, Manipulator featuring hit singles “Geisha Dance,” “Get It On,” and “You Need a Woman,” as well as The Blue Album featuring “Star” and “Boys and Sometimes Girls.”

“‘If You Were My Baby’ has its own important message,” says Rebel. “It is about self-assurance, self-love, and to all my Rebel Mafia out there, I say: if you like some- one, tell them and make a case as to why you are the best. You might be surprised with the results.”

Ricky also released the song’s remixes. They’re available on iTunes and Spotify.

Watch Ricky Rebel’s video for “If You Were My Baby” here:

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