There’s Already a Gay Porn ‘Right in Front of My Salad’ Sequel

There’s Already a Gay Porn ‘Right in Front of My Salad’ Sequel

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Less than a month ago, the meme “Right In Front Of My Salad” was heard ’round the world. It came from a gay porn where a wife discovers her husband having sex with a chef who cooks in the nude. It was so successful, decided to bring the idea and starring actors back for another installment

“[We’ve] reached out to the break-out gif star for another appearance, and she has agreed to return for another scene in the very near future,” a spokesperson for confirmed.

We were hoping for the sequel to be a bit more carnivorous with “Right in Front of my Burger.” Or maybe a more cultural adaptation and bukkake with “Right in Front of My Sushi.”

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It turns out the people over at just went with “Right in Front of My Salad… Again.”

This time, the married man played again by Jaxton Wheeler invites over a male masseur played by Luke Adams. The wife, played by Nikki V. again, is in the kitchen chopping vegetables, preparing her own salad this time.

After the masseur finds a raging boner in the husband’s pants, the two end up banging hard on the massage table. As the wife walks by the room where the two are having loud sex with the door wide open, she barges in and screams, “Babe! Right in front of my fucking salad? Not again!”

Salad greens pour out of her mouth, and she drops the salad bowl to the ground.

It’s not the most innovative direction they could have taken with the sequel. It feels a bit forced and contrived, even more so than the first time around but we’ll let you be the judge.

Head here to the very NSFW site where you can watch the one-minute trailer for the “Right in Front of My Salad” Sequel.

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