Rihanna Won the Grammys with Nothing but Her Reactions and a Flask (GIFs)

Rihanna Won the Grammys with Nothing but Her Reactions and a Flask (GIFs)

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Why is no one talking about this? Rihanna slayed the Grammys with nothing but reactions from her folding chair in the audience and a bejeweled flask. She didn’t perform. Was she nominated? Did she even get on the stage to present?  We cant’ remember and you know can’t either from the drunken stupor she got herself in after all those damn shots from her fabulous flask.

When everyone was talking about Adele breaking Grammys and Gaga breaking sound systems and Beyoncé rubbing her baby bump, we were busy downloading Princess Ri Ri GIF’s on our hard drives to make sure we have them forever. She truly won the evening, giving zero fucks and looking absolutely fabulous in the process.

Here are seven GIFS that prove Rihanna was the true diva of the Grammys. We paired each reaction with something that may happen in our day-to-day gay existence. Enjoy!

1. When your Hornet hookup offers to send an Uber:

2. When he takes it out and it’s big but not too big:

3. When he says he is into you without knowing how emotionally unavailable you are:

4. When they play your new favorite song at the club but you don’t know the words yet:

5. When your ex walks into the bar with a new trick:

6. When your date says something he thinks is more funny than it actually is:

7. When your bestie turns a sip into a gulp:

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