These Male Bodybuilders Just Hilariously Parodied a Video of Rihanna Applying Lotion

These Male Bodybuilders Just Hilariously Parodied a Video of Rihanna Applying Lotion

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Rihanna’s lotion applying ways have just been parodied by a group of sexy, muscled men. The #RihannaChallenge video, which was created by French personal trainer Jeremy Fontanet Cullens, went viral this week after he posted it on Instagram.

Rihanna recently introduced a new Fenty Beauty product to the world: “Body Lava” body luminizer. The product gives skin a dewy shine and glow. The $59 price tag hasn’t deterred shoppers from causing this new product to sell out within weeks of launching.

In debuting her Body Lava, Rihanna posted a video on her social media of her squeezing some onto her shoulder and sexily buffing it out with a brush.

So people have started to slather random products on their shoulders, using everything from their hands to brooms to “buff” the stuff in. Some are calling it the #RihannaChallenge. It’s silly and delightfully funny.

Our personal favorite comes from Cullens, a French bodybuilder who lives in Palm Springs with his handsome boo and puppy. The video was first posted on his Instagram. We’re not exactly sure why, but he took it down. Thankfully it found its way to Reddit. From there, it went to Twitter where it exploded and is nearing nearly 200,000 retweets.

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