We’ve Ranked the 15 Most Hilariously Wretched Reads From ‘The Roast of Sherry Vine’

We’ve Ranked the 15 Most Hilariously Wretched Reads From ‘The Roast of Sherry Vine’

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Revry, the world’s first LGBT streaming content platform, presented The Roast of Sherry Vine, a new series that premiered Monday, Oct. 23 at New York’s LGBT film festival, NewFest. (Roasts of other queens are in the pipeline.) In the same vein as a Comedy Central Roast, the dais featured some of New York’s funniest queens to read the New York drag legend.

And read did they. Hosted by Ruby Roo, the night featured Bob the Drag Queen, Monet X Change, Tina Burner, Marti Gould Cummings, Miz Cracker, Sutton Lee Seymour and Anita Buffem.

To watch The Roast of Sherry Vine for yourself, head here to download Revry.

Here are some of the most wretched reads from The Roast of Sherry Vine:

15. Sherry Vine is so old that when she was born, the Dead Sea was just getting sick. —Ruby Roo

14. Sherry Vine is so old that she remembers when RuPaul did her own makeup. —Ruby Roo

13. Tina Burner, Caitlyn Jenner wouldn’t even fuck you with the dick she threw away. —Anita Buffem

12. I would rather be in a classroom at Sandy Hook than be up here right now. —Marti Gould Cummings

11. I love you, Sutton Lee Seymour. I hope they build the wall so you can’t come back from Mexico. —Marti Gould Cummings

10. Sutton Lee Seymour, you always surprise me. I thought you were going to wear that one wig, but you wore the other one! —Anita Buffem

9. Tina Burner’s set was so rough it was like the Haus of Aja before FaceTune —Monet X Change

8. Monet keeps saying she is wearing Diana Von Fursternberg when really she looks like the Hindenburg. —Bob The Drag Queen

7. Sherry Vine and I do share a distinct honor. We are the only two musical artists in the world who can change keys even when the piano doesn’t. —Marti Gould Cummings

6. Anita Buffem, if anybody wanted to see a root that poorly done they would have asked Tyler Perry to remake the mini-series. —Sutton Lee Seymour

5. Tina Burner, what is there to say to you that hasn’t already been said? “I love your show.” —Bob The Drag Queen

4. Sherry Vine was such an ugly baby that when her grandparents took a look at her, they became the first two Jews to regret surviving the Holocaust. —Ruby Roo

3. Marti, your set was rougher than Aja’s skin. Jesus Christ! Doesn’t it look like Aja got beat with a sack of hot nickels, or is it just me? —Bob The Drag Queen

2. Bob, I heard after Season 8 you rented out a two-story apartment in Manhattan. Awesome, we all want that, but what do you need two floors for? One for tacky outfits and the other for your ego? —Ruby Roo

1. Ryan Murphy is actually going to be announcing soon that Sherry Vine will be in the next season of FX’s Feud. Isn’t that exciting, ladies and gentlemen? And the other two stars she is going to be feuding with are “time” and “pitch.” —Sutton Lee Seymour

To watch The Roast of Sherry Vine, head here, and below watch the REVRY trailer.

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