Robert Sepulveda Goes on Bizarre Facebook Rant About Ex-Boyfriend

Robert Sepulveda Goes on Bizarre Facebook Rant About Ex-Boyfriend

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In the below story about a Robert Sepulveda rant on Facebook, we have removed the name of the “ex-boyfriend” at issue.

It looks like Robert Sepulveda was going through it last night. On Facebook, he posted a claim his ex-boyfriend was luring men to his apartment with promises of a three-way.

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Clearing the air, Sepulveda shared photos of the conversation on an iPhone, and also shared the photo of the person possibly trying to come over. Or is that the ex-boyfriend? We’re confused. These handsome men look the same, honestly!

We cropped out the face of the person Sepulveda posted to maintain their privacy.

Sepulveda wrote:

When your ex boyfriend says he loves you, but then you find him in your guest bathroom on Grindr inviting strangers into your downstairs lobby avoiding security, using personal face photos as bait, saying we’re looking for a 3 way! A) im not into 3 ways & B) screw you! your so disappointing!

Sepulveda’s fifteen minutes of fame started when he was cast as the main suitor on Logo’s Finding Prince Charming. Since then, we’re not quite sure what he’s been up to.

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But from Facebook, whatever he’s up to, it doesn’t seem to be going well.

Has this ever happened to you? Has a boyfriend or friend used your image without you knowing? How did you deal with the situation?

Tell us in the comments if a situation like this has ever happened to you.

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