Swiss Tennis Pro Roger Federer Gets Caught Off Guard by Opponent’s Very Large Distraction

Swiss Tennis Pro Roger Federer Gets Caught Off Guard by Opponent’s Very Large Distraction

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Swiss Tennis pro Roger Federer revealed even he can’t resist getting distracted by a “very big” part of his opponent’s body.

Federer recently faced off against Jack Sock while playing at the Nitto Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Finals 2017 in London. There, Federer teasingly said that he was completely distracted by his opponents’ butt when he bent over.

During their match, Sock turned his back on his rival and bent over, possibly to distract the Swiss tennis pro while trying to hit a return. Sock’s move may have actually worked, as Federer proceeded to hit the tennis ball directly into the net.

On Sunday, Federer commented on the match in a press conference. He joked, “It was a big distraction, I tell you that because it was very big.”

“That’s what I should have aimed for that target was bigger than the down-the-line corridor that I had. It’s happened sometime in the past but not on a big stage like this.”

Federer later tweeted a clip from the press conference with a cheeky message that included a peach and dartboard emoji.

Federer did end up beating Sock during that competition. He then went on to the finals, where his three-set victory over Germany’s Alexander Zverv took his cumulative career prize money to a whopping $110,235,682.

This total surpasses the dizzying financial heights of golfer Tiger Woods, making Federer the world’s highest earning athlete as a result of prize money alone.

Despite frequent debate over the last 12 months regarding when Roger Federer’s playing days will come to an end, the 36-year-old athlete has had one of his best seasons to date.

Federer’s trainers claim he may able to play until he’s 40. “Roger has a biological age of 36 but he has an athletic age of someone much younger than that,” Pierre Paganini, his trainer, tells The Express. “The way he’s going, I think he can get a couple more years.”



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