Gay Couple Harassed by Homophobe During Brazilian Beach Walk

Gay Couple Harassed by Homophobe During Brazilian Beach Walk

Written by R. S. Benedict on February 07, 2017
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A gay Brazilian couple had their trip to a Cape Town beach spoiled by homophobic hecklers.

Times Live writes:

Vorster‚ a wedding photographer‚ witnessed the homophobic attack on Platão and Rafael Terra while taking pictures of them at Glen Beach.

“I haven’t seen homophobia and aggression like this before and I have done shoots all over and in central Joburg‚” he said.

The two men have been married for three years and a couple for 11 years.

While Vorster was taking photos of them at Glen Beach‚ a man‚ who was there with two boys‚ came up to them and shouted insults at them.

On their Facebook page they wrote in Portuguese (translated into English by Facebook): “We suffered a homophobic attack for (being free) in public. A man used the trivial arguments like ‘homosexuality is not natural’ and ‘my children can’t see a thing like that’.”

The Cape Town community has since responded beautifully to the incident. Members of the local gay community took the couple out on for a lovely evening on the town to show them the better side of the place they call home.

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