Ross Mathews milo
Ross Mathews milo

Watch Ross Mathews’ Epic Response to Has-Been Milo’s Attack on Him (Video)

We love Ross Mathews, so needless to say when Milo Yiannopoulos came for him we were not happy.

Obviously, neither was Mathews. So like the queen he is, he took to Facebook to post an epic response that you have to watch. “So [Milo] had a press conference because this guy is just suddenly present,” he says. “Where he came from I don’t know? But bless his heart. you know good for people do your thing. Get yours. I am good with it.”

“He is talking and making his announcement saying he is resigning from Brietbart. I am watching like OK. And all of a sudden, he says he gets letters and I guess he is touting his accomplishments. He says, ‘I get letters from mothers, parents all across the country thanking me because I am out there, if they have gays kids they don’t have wind up like Ross Mathews.'”

“Say what?”

Watch the rest of Ross Mathews’ epic response to Milo below:

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