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It’s time to party! Welcome to the nightlife section of Hornet where you’ll find all of the latest LGBTQ nightlife news about town. Being gay and strutting your stuff on the dance floor or at the club have always gone hand-in-hand. While many people in the gay world consider themselves “non-scene” and would much rather spend a Saturday night at home, nightlife has always been a staple of the gay community. And the gay nightlife scene is getting crazier than ever. Throughout LGBTQ history, going to a club, a gay bar, or another safe space has always been the best and perhaps only place in which gay individuals can be themselves. Thus, it should be no surprise that nightlife is still a thriving part of gay culture. Creating a club or a gay bar is really about bringing people together. It’s a place where people are free to dress, do and say as they please, free of judgment from the straight world. Here, you’ll find articles about everything you need to know about the LGBTQ nightlife scene, from secret clubs in NYC to must-see gay attractions in cities all over the world. Slowly but surely, great American cities like Denver, Minneapolis, and Memphis are starting to create their own LGBTQ hotspots. So if you’re moving to a new city or just taking a quick vacation, make sure to check out our list of where to go and what to see when it comes to gay sightseeing. Even if you don’t live in a major city and you don’t have access to a neighborhood gay bar, you can always live vicariously through articles like these. Learn about what’s happening and what’s changing in the gay nightlife scene with full coverage from Hornet.
Мудрые советы всем мужчинам-геям от профессионального танцора Гоу-Гоу

Лето 2016 года я провёл в Провинстауне, Массачусетс, оно было одним из самых лучших в моей жизни, без всяких сомнений. И хоть город возможно уже не такой привлекательный, каким он был в 70е, 80е и 90е, у него всё еще есть этот шарм маленького пляжного городка, и это не вспоминая[…]

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