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While there is no one specific 'gay style,' being on the forefront of fashion, grooming and style trend have always been synonymous with the LGBTQ community. Being gay and having a sense of style go hand-in-hand. While not everyone in the LGBTQ community obsesses over how they look, many of us do. Regardless of sexual orientation, everyone wants to make the right impression and win over a potential mate. Chic new styles for gay men and women are popping up all the time. From dapper looks for dudes to out-of-this-world getups, there are so many ways to show off your sense of gay style. Style is all about fads. Most of us are left at the mercy of elite designers and fashionistas that preselect just about everything we wear. One day, denim jumpers are in and the next day, they’re out. Why are they out? Everyone loves denim jumpers. Chances are that someone on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan decided to change trends and the rest of us are left scrambling to catch up. As ridiculous and superficial as the fashion world can be, there’s something inherently appealing about dressing up and strutting your stuff in the latest apparel. But making the right impression can also be about making social progress. Dozens of fashion brands have come under fire for using cheap labor. They've turned their backs on basic human rights. Wearing a certain brand or a piece of clothing can send a message to the rest of the world that you support a certain cause or disapprove of another. It’s no surprise that many of the world’s leading fashion designers also happen to be gay. Yesterday’s social outcasts are now deciding what goes on the shelves in your favorite store this coming fall. If you love gossiping about who’s in and who’s out in the fashion world, then you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of what you like to wear, it’s time to take your fashion knowledge to the next level. Jump into all of our gay style coverage below.
Мексиканские Муше — это «третий пол», который и уважают, и осуждают

Муше — это третий пол, который широко признан в регионе Хучитан штата Оахака, Мексика. И хотя они исключительно необыкновенные, они не живут шикарной жизнью

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Эти 10 сексуальных знаменитостей показывают, что мужской топ никогда не выходил из моды

Еще в 70-х и 80-х годах мужчины носили мужские топы во времена, когда в тенденциях моды преобладали обнаженные талии, но эти 10 знаменитостей доказывают, что короткие рубашки никогда не уходили

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