Run For The Hills! An EVIL CAT Is On The Loose In New York!

Run For The Hills! An EVIL CAT Is On The Loose In New York!

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Every so often, you hear about someone who hates cats. I normally find this reaction to kitties absolutely baffling…. but even I have to admit, they might be on to something with this guy…

Unicorn Booty, shriek week, ghost, Halloween, scary, terror, emojiCBS News brings us this story about a black cat‘s reign of terror in Pearl River, New York. It’s expected that the cat is feral, not a pet, and possibly rabid (here’s hoping he’s just a jerk… you don’t wanna know what happens to a rabid animal.) He’s attacked several people and, unsurprisingly, a dog; this cat is such a badass the cops even put a 911 alert out on him.

In the CBS report there’s a report of a man being surprised by the cat and trying to kick him. The cat kept coming back until the man went in his house, at which point, he just sat on the welcome mat, patiently awaiting round two.

Of course, I’d be mad too if someone kept kicking me!

At press time, the cat is still at large. Citizens of Pearl River are terrified, and are urged not to go mad, crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside. Hey, terror makes people do wild things.

(featured image via Dan4th Nicholas/Flickr)

(this article was originally published on July 13, 2015)

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