Here Are Our 5 Favorite Quotes From Today’s ‘New York Times’ RuPaul Interview

Here Are Our 5 Favorite Quotes From Today’s ‘New York Times’ RuPaul Interview

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We love a good RuPaul interview, don’t you? The New York Times has featured two extremely impressive editorial pieces on drag in the last two weeks. The first was an extensive look at the current business of drag in America, profiling 50 working queens, from those who’ve graced the Drag Race runway to those still working at your local gay bar.

The second piece was published today. It’s an extensive magazine cover story on RuPaul herself. The RuPaul interview, written by Times staff writer Jenna Wortham, takes the reader on an incredible deep dive into the history of drag and RuPaul’s legacy.

One thing the article proves for sure is that the golden age of RuPaul continues.

Check out our five favorite quotes from the RuPaul interview below:

1. On feminine expression:

“We never forget the fact that we are men in a male-dominated culture where masculinity is a currency that is valued more than gold. For men to do anything with femininity, to use femininity as a palette, it’s basically an act of treason in our culture.”

2. On other reality shows:

“Producers were just looking for the nasty side of the human experience, and I definitely didn’t want to be a part of that.”

3. On Drag Race getting political:

“It’s inherent in our experience. We don’t have to do much to infuse a consciousness into the show. It is such a part of our story, and we walk with it.”

4. On the Drag Race audience being mostly young women:

“There is so much programming by social media, and how you have to construct your sense of self in line with how everyone else is constructing their sense of self. I think they see our show as a handbook for a navigation, and think, How can I rig this conveyor belt where I don’t have to go down that thing?”

5. On his husband:

“Having money is great when you have an imagination. He loves luxury and doesn’t give a [expletive] about culture. He doesn’t know who the Kardashians are. He doesn’t know who Lil Yachty is. He couldn’t name a Taylor Swift song. It’s a reprieve from the celebrity status of Charles’s world.”


Read the entire RuPaul interview here.


Featured image by Graeme Mitchell

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