Here Are 10 Reasons Why We Need RuPaul to Host ‘SNL’ Next Season

Here Are 10 Reasons Why We Need RuPaul to Host ‘SNL’ Next Season

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RuPaul has done a lot with his career. But that long, long, long list of entertainment industry achievements doesn’t include a hosting spot on Saturday Night Live. He has been on the show once, but he wasn’t the official host for that episode. (Charles Barkley was.)

Earlier today, Saturday Night Live asked its audience on Twitter who they’d like to see as a host on the next season of the sketch-comedy series. Michelle Visage took the words right out of our mouths, tweeting “There is only one,” and that one is RuPaul.

We couldn’t help but start compiling our own reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why RuPaul needs to host SNL next season:

1. SNL producers could kill two birds with one stone and have Ru host and be the episode’s musical guest as well.

2. There was a whole sketch dedicated to Drag Race last season, so the library on SNL is already open, ready for Mamma Ru to read the room to filth.

3. One of the head writers is openly gay. We’re sure Chris Kelly would be able to create plenty of content full of biting humor and pop culture parody perfect for RuPaul to act out.

4. Ru’s already got two Emmys for hosting a hit show, so obviously a hosting gig on SNL would be a cake walk down Stacy Lane Lane.

5. Historically there’s been a lack of diversity on the SNL stage, so casting a black, gay man who dresses up as woman for a living would be a step in the right direction.

6. RuPaul would be able to play boy parts, girl parts and everything-in-between parts.

7. Did you see that acting on the Emmys with Colbert? Even Trump put down Twitter to laugh!

8. If SNL can have all those pro athletes get up in the gig and do a horrible job, they can extend the offer to a consummate professional like RuPaul.

9. We need RuPaul as Maxine Waters NOW!

10. RuPaul on SNL would send a powerful message to the show’s audience of outsiders.

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