RuPaul Pleads for Compassion Following Lucian Piane’s Latest Twitter Meltdown

RuPaul Pleads for Compassion Following Lucian Piane’s Latest Twitter Meltdown

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On Saturday evening, we reported that Lucian Piane—the “musical mentor” of RuPaul’s Drag Race, who through vile social media postings has seemed to come unhinged of late—had yet another “Twitter meltdown,” this time sharing photos of his penis, telling Jews to ‘get over’ the Holocaust and encouraging the use of racial slurs as an act of solidarity with the black community.

The biggest head-scratcher yet: At one point, Piane referred to RuPaul—who not only employs him on the reality series and utilizes him as a producer of his albums but considers him to be a friend—as “the wisest n****r I know.” Now, after weeks of posts indicating a possible mental breakdown—and fans clamoring for the world’s most famous drag legend to respond—RuPaul has.

“Show some compassion. Please,” RuPaul tweeted out Sunday morning, a post that was met with sincere agreement by some and outright refusal by others.

A later tweet—”If you only knew how fragile your own mental health is, you wouldn’t be so cavalier”—followed the first, with a gif that read, “Deliberate cruelty is not forgivable.” While some would surely classify Piane’s tweets as “deliberate cruelty” on disenfranchised groups (blacks, Asians, Jews), it’s clear RuPaul feels Piane’s inner demons have taken over and there’s likely something chemical/medical at issue here.

We sincerely hope that Piane is able to secure the help he needs—mental, physical, spiritual or otherwise—and we applaud RuPaul for his encouragement of compassion when dealing with people who ‘know not what they do’ due to mental illness or other issues. Mental illness is particularly high among the queer community, and we can only hope that Piane’s social media meltdowns will encourage a conversation surrounding a very important topic indeed.

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