RuPaul Dishes About Lady Gaga, Moving to VH1 and Prostitutes with Seth Myers (Video)

RuPaul Dishes About Lady Gaga, Moving to VH1 and Prostitutes with Seth Myers (Video)

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RuPaul sat down with Seth Meyers last night on his show and she dished about Lady Gaga, prostitutes, going mainstream and the evolution of her look.

On the evolution of her look:

“I was in a punk rock band years and years ago. This was the Reagan 80s’ and as social commentary we would dress up as “gender f-word drag” in smeared lipstick and combat boots. But even when I was in that style of drag, straight guys would look at me and be like, “What’s up?” I thought, “Note to self.” And then in New York as I needed to make a living I changed from that style of drag into what I like to call black hooker drag which is sort of like a soul train dancer, you know? That is all of my fashion sense. I live for prostitutes. That is the way I am. That was really successful for me until I went above 14th Street and hit the big time and that is when I did the glamazon drag, which is what I do today.”

On seeing herself in drag:

“No, it has never been normal to me to see myself in drag! It is so amazing to look at this creature. I look at a picture of myself and say that is outrageous!”

On Lady Gaga:

“She tweeted me that she wanted to do the show. Let me go back, back, back. She is a New York girl who got her start in the clubs as I did. A lot of the kids know that I was running around those clubs a long time ago. She tweeted and finally we connected.”

On the show’s move to VH1:

“I am so excited. We moved to VH1 which now more people get to watch it now. I had a talk show on VH1 20 years ago this year. Full circle”

On going mainstream:

“I think that young people change. In Marketing 101, you realize someone turns 18 every single day and they never heard of bell bottoms so what do you do? You sell them bell bottoms. The same can be said about politics right now. People are buying some old schlock so we are like, “No! Stay away from the bell bottoms!”

The young people caught up to what we are doing. What we are doing is a commentary on the human existence and trying on different identities. Young people are looking at identities — especially young women — are looking at our shows and saying I don’t want to fit into that sort of extensions, big boobs ideal of what a feminine woman is. And they are rebelling. A lot of those young girls as young as 13 are like, “Yes!” They are there to make fun of identity and they relate on that level.”

Watch RuPaul on Late Night with Seth Meyers:

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