14 Queens We’d Love to See on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10

14 Queens We’d Love to See on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10

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RuPaul revealed that that a new season of Drag Race started filming one week ago on July 28. While we’re pretty sure that it’s All Stars 3 – it got us thinking about the cast for season 10 that’s likely to be filmed right after.

So here’s our wish list of queens we’d love to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10. This isn’t based on rumors or speculation – just a who’s who of queens that we live for. We think they would all bring something unique into the workroom, including a dazzling dash of drama to keep us hooked all season long.

Here are 14 queens we’d love to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10:

1. Eureka O’Hara (Johnson City, Tennessse)

Obviously O’Hara was gone way too soon on Season 9 when she was dismissed from the competition for having a bad kneee. Mama Ru promised her a spot on Season 10, so we’re looking forward to what this larger-than-life queen has to offer. We’re sure her Snatch Game will be hilarious.


2. Meatball (Los Angeles, California)

One of our favorite queens on the Los Angeles scene, you may have followed Meatball as she competed for the title of “America’s Next Drag super monster” on the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula web series. She didn’t end up winning, but she walked away with “Fan Favorite,” along with a special place in the hearts of all who love a bit of slapstick humor with wigs and heels. We’re sure she would slay the competition on Drag Race, particularly in the acting and comedy challenges.


3. Pissi Myles (Asbury Park, New Jersey)

Being so close to New York City and Philadelphia, Myles has become a huge part of both cities’ drag communities. She also sops up all the gigs in her hometown of Asbury, a quaint gay beach destination. A comedy queen (remember this?) with lots of looks who can deliver live vocals, we think Myles would have the whole package to make it all the way to the end. Mamma Ru also already knows about her, as she featured Myles on an episode of her podcast last season with Michelle Visage.


4. Meth (London, England)

This London-based drag artist was on the 2014 reality series Drag Queens of London, so she’s already used to having a boom mic in her face all the time. When plugging that show, she told Queerty, “I’ve been doing Meth for two years now but prior to that I was a gender-bending, Queerlesque performer known as Mr. Mistress for four years. So I guess six years … but I was a cross-dressing, freak of a teen from the age of 15, so I guess you could say I’ve always been a queen!” If the show made an across-the-pond contestant exception, we think she could go far.


5. Aquaria (New York, New York)

The drag daughter of Sharon Needles, Aquaria was performing in clubs before she was even legal. She’s the leader of New York’s club kid pack of misfits that conquer the VIP sections at Lady Fag and Susanne Bartsch’s weekly rages. Buzzfeed named her the number one most beautiful queen to follow on Instagram. If she’s in the workroom on Season 10, the competition will be left gagging runway after runway.


6. Yolanda (Mexico City, Mexico)

Among the drag queens of Mexico City, Yolanda emphasizes that rather than being a female illusionist, she’s a character. Whether hosting a party for the LGBTQ community or promoting her documentary, Yolanda is a drag icon of Mexico nightlife. Sure, there’s never been a queen from Mexico on the show, but maybe it’s time to change that — especially since we’ve seen the power of the queer Latinx community.


7. Peaches Christ (San Francisco, California)

For the past decade or two, Peaches Christ has been filling Divine’s shoes as one of the most deranged and unique queens on the scene. She’s a huge name in the Bay Area, producing well-attended film screenings and original stage productions starring Drag Race vets. What RuPaul’s Drag Race needs in order to bring something new to the show is a queen who cares more about the dark comedy undertones of drag than a fashion statement. Peaches Christ is the embodiment of a show-stopper who isn’t afraid to cross the line and who never takes herself too seriously. 


8. Vicky Vox (Los Angeles, California)

The drag daughter of Detox and a former member of the group DWV (Detox, Willam and Vicky), Vox has created a brand for herself without ever being on the show. Who can forget her runway walk during a Marco Marco fashion show when she lit a cigarette with her nose? Recently Vox was in the headlines for calling out Katy Perry on some bad behavior, later recanting her statements due to some false info. We love a queen who isn’t afraid to stir up some drama.


9. Porcelain (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

With a whole lot of gorgeous Gothic style and even more beautiful ink covering her body, Porcelain would be the darkest queen to ever enter the workroom. (And, yes, we remember Sharon Needles.) This talented tattoo artist is true gothic punk rock, giving zero fucks about what others have to say around or about her. She also brings a slew of circus tricks under her corset, including eating fire and swallowing swords. Now that would be a lip sync for your life.


10. Mayhem Miller (Riverside, California)

Like Vox, Mayhem Miller (not to be confused with the martial arts fighter of the same name) is another queen who has made a name for herself outside of the workroom. You may have seen Miller on Willam Belli’s The BeatdownJonny McGovern’s Hey Qween or Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys. If you’re familiar with this scene-stealing queen, you can easily understand why she’d be a fabulous addition to the show’s cast. With vibrant looks and a sassy personality, she would go far and stir the pot the entire time. 


11. Rubber Child (Neverland, Florida)

Rubber Child hails from Florida. Not being on Drag Race hasn’t stopped her from having big goals and aspirations when it comes to her drag career

“Like there’s still so many unrecognized girls that are fucking amazing performers and have amazing looks that don’t have the platform that some girls have, and don’t do anything with it,” she told Vice. “So I think it would be cool just got a bunch of us together and get to travel to different cities on like a bus, and just show a bunch of people around the country that we’re cool.”


12. Bible Girl (New York, New York)

As the evil stepsister of Kylie Jenner with an infatuation for Britney Spears, Bible Girl has a wicked cult following on social media. She is already a queen of branding, as her social media prowess shows, even though she was kicked off Instagram for a few days. The “Queen of Meme” also has her own line of drag queen merchandise online and in Hot Topic stores across the US. In real life, she’s a fantastic lip sync performer – so while we hope she never has to lip sync for her life, if she does on the show we know she won’t disappoint.


13. Hellvetika (New York, New York)

Hellvetika is the bearded queen this competition has been waiting for! Hailing from Brooklyn, her bio on Instagram reads “Heavy Metal Drag Queen, Queer Metal Ambassador, Lady Daddy, Worried anxious looking boy & Pornographic entertainer Monty Burns.” She would definitely stir the pot — with a face and body full of hair. Michelle Visage, brace yourself!


14. CHRISTEENE (Austin, Texas)

Austin-based CHRISTEENE, self-described as “a human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality” and a genderqueer “drag terrorist,” she’s influenced by the likes of Jayne County and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s use of non-heteronormative gender roles and sexuality. CHRISTEENE’S look and live shows are beyond abrasive — they often have a “splash zone” — her music is indescribable and her videos are decidedly nightmarish. Nothing is more punk rock than CHRISTEENE, and we’d love to see her on Season 10.

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