‘Drag Race’ Just Announced a Season 9 Release Date and a New Network Home

‘Drag Race’ Just Announced a Season 9 Release Date and a New Network Home

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Any true fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race — the queerest, most creative and racially diverse show on television — has been dying to know about the Season 9 start date. Well it’s right here, hunties. According to Entertainment Weekly, it will premiere on Friday, March 24 at 8 p.m. ET. But there’s more!

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Apparently the show will no longer appear on LOGO but on VH1 instead. Entertainment Weekly notes that it’s “the first time Drag Race has shifted networks across its eight-year history, having previously aired over 100 episodes on Logo since 2009,” which definitely raises an eyebrow. Drag Race has long been known as the most successful show on LOGO, so why is LOGO handing it over to another network? Perhaps LOGO has other plans for itself.

It’s also interesting that VH1 has decided to broadcast the show on Fridays instead of on a weekday evening. Drag Race’s queer fans like to drink (hence all the vodka ads during the broadcast), so it’ll be interesting to see whether the weekend bar crowd stays at home or whether gay bars can capitalize on the show’s popularity to draw crowds without killing the weekend vibe.

The show also just released a new Season 9 trailer. Check it out!

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