The 10 Best ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Snatch Game Impersonations of All Time

The 10 Best ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Snatch Game Impersonations of All Time

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This Friday, Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race will present everyone’s favorite episode: Snatch Game! It’s the game show-themed episode where all of the queens imitate their favorite celebrities and ham it up for the cameras.

Here’s a video sneak peek at the upcoming episode:

So to celebrate, we ranked our 10 favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race Snatch Game imitations of all time, presented here in no particular order. And if you want to watch the stars in action for yourself, just click on their names and you can view YouTube clips of each season’s Snatch Game.

1. Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie (Season 5)

Many Drag Race fans had never seen the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens featuring “Little Edie” and her mother before Monsoon did her imitation, but Monsoon made Little Edie funny, quirky and (best of all) accessible for folks who had never seen the film.

2. BenDeLaCreme as Dame Maggie Smith (Season 6)

Although he definitely played up Maggie Smith’s Downton Abbey character of the Dowager Countess, mugging feigned shock and bemusement at his flailing competitors, DeLaCreme brought the laughs by calling RuPaul “Ruple” and defending Smith’s refined British accent by saying, “Excuse me, but we invented the language!”

3. Kennedy Davenport as Little Richard (Season 7)

Davenport embodied Little Richard with an unruly mess of hair, a pervy pencil mustache, a gold and silver sequin jacket and lots of sass. And to emphasize the singer’s outrageousness, she followed up nearly every answer with a vibrating high note. OoooooOOooOOooooh!

4. Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage (Season 4)

We had to give Needles some recognition for the sheer ballsiness of her choice. After all, it couldn’t have been easy conveying a friend of RuPaul’s and also a judge who would read her later if she got it wrong. But Needles did so well that Visage’s read never came.

5. Adore Delano as Anna Nicole Smith (Season 6)

By slurring and making ironic understatements like, “I not much of a dranker, but I’ve had tried vokka a couple times in mah life,” Delano nailed Smith’s sedated party girl demeanor and cemented his legacy as a Drag Race all star (even if he did later drop out All Stars Season 2).

6. Katya Zamolodchikova as Bjork (All Stars Season 2)

Zamolodchikova turned up the weirdness to 11 by wearing extra-terrestrial forehead makeup, cutesy glitter bows, a feathered overcoat and eating her answer cards during the game. Bjork herself reportedly loved the impersonation.

7. Pandora Boxx as Carol Channing (Season 2)

While Bob the Drag Queen would later do a great imitation of the same character, Boxx did it first by holding Channing’s trademark perma-smile, getting her raspy voice just right and cracking jokes about Channning being a national spokesperson for Broadway Actresses Against Scurvy.

8. Chad Michaels as Cher (Season 4)

Granted, Michaels is a professional Cher impersonator, but his Vegas-showgirl Cher impersonation was awesome, starting with “I’m Cher, bitch!” and ending with “I don’t give a rat’s ass because this game is boring the shit out of me! I don’t know why they book me on these chicken shit gigs!”

9. Alaska Thunderfuck as Mae West (All Stars Season 2)

Almost everyone agrees that Thunderfuck completely rocked West’s swagger and blunt sexuality. It conjured the American actress and sex symbol while adding a jaw-dropping Alaska-flavored twist. Plus, she looked gorgeous!

10. Bob the Drag Queen as Uzo Aduba and Carol Channing (Season 8)

Talk about showboating! While most Drag Race competitors struggle to do just one character, Bob did two excellent impersonations, capturing the crazy-eyed kookiness of Aduba’s mentally disabled character in Orange is the New Black and the sparkling charm of Channing.

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