Watch Russell Tovey and Wentworth Miller Kiss in The CW’s Crossover Superhero Event

Watch Russell Tovey and Wentworth Miller Kiss in The CW’s Crossover Superhero Event

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Last night, the CW television network showed the second-half of Crisis On Earth X, a four-hour superhero TV crossover event starring superheroes from the CW’s four superhero franchises and beyond.

While you might’ve been watching to see Supergirl, The Flash, the Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow face off against Nazis from an alternate Earth (one where Germany won World War II), we were watching to see the Russell Tovey Wentworth Miller kiss.

They both played an openly gay superheroes and there was even some bisexual/lesbian action too! We’ve got video below of both … and it’s sooooo good.

So, if you weren’t watching, let’s get you up to speed on all the general plot and gay action:

Basically, The Flash is getting married to his girlfriend Iris West. After the wedding rehearsal, Supergirl’s lesbian sister (Alex) and White Canary (Sara), the bisexual leader of the Legends of Tomorrow, hook up. Later, they discuss their exes like mature grown-ups. Nice.

Let’s watch:

So, when the wedding finally happens, Nazis from Earth X (a tenth Earth that exists in some alternate dimension) crash the wedding and shoot the minster — what jerks, right?

The Nazis later pop-up and kidnap some superheroes and put them in an Earth X concentration camp because that’s what Nazis do. There, they meet The Ray, a gay superhero who can use sunlight as weaponized energy.

They’re all soon rescued by one of the Earth X resistance fighters who turns out to be Leonard Snart (aka. Citizen Cold), an alternate-dimension good-guy version of Captain Cold, a freeze-weaponed villain who died on the Legends of Tomorrow TV show a couple of years ago.

Citizen Cold and The Ray are apparently an adorable couple who have conversations about how much they love each other between punching Nazis. In two different scenes, they discuss how dangerous it is to fight the Nazi regime and then they kiss.

Let’s watch one of the Russell Tovey Wentworth Miller kisses now, courtesy of Mr. Man (link NSFW).

If you want to see their second kiss, head here (link NSFW).

The fact that a prime time superhero show had two openly gay actors playing canonically gay and pansexual superheroes and kissing not once but twice (and also discussing actual relationships and emotions) is a big friggin’ deal.


Thanks to Islay Bell-Webb, geek at large, for helping with this article.

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