‘Russia Today’ Host Slammed To Ground and Arrested For Dancing In Public

‘Russia Today’ Host Slammed To Ground and Arrested For Dancing In Public

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Russia Today host Adam Kokesh, of Adam vs. The Man, was arrested over the weekend for violating a 2008 ban on public dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.

The group gathered to celebrate the First Amendment right to free expression, in honor of the activist that sued the government for the right to dance in public – and the subsequent judgement by US District Judge John D. Bates that prohibited any form of dancing on the site in 2008.

The police really got pissed about the dancing, and were incredibly violent given the innocuous nature of the event.

Adam Kokesh’s show about his attempts to restore the Freedom of Dance:

Are we living in a police state? Well, in Tennessee, police are pulling people over and arresting them without charge – only to take their money and use it to fund their own police departments! Watch this in-depth report, and be warned: Tennessee is a pretty crappy place to be a freedom-loving citizen.

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