We’re Loving These Sexy and Silly Parodies of That Young Russian Cadets Twerking Video

We’re Loving These Sexy and Silly Parodies of That Young Russian Cadets Twerking Video

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Young cadets from Russia’s Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA) were investigated for violating the student code of conduct after participating in an eye-popping, homoerotic music video. The video went viral, and many people on social media have taken their turn at creating their own Russian cadet twerking parody clips.

The original video — set to Benny Benassi’s 2002 electro-house hit “Satisfaction” — shows a handful of students gyrating, seductively posing around their dormitory, pretending to do chores and generally performing like a low-budget Russian schoolboy version of Magic Mike.

We rounded up some of our favorite clips and ranked them from worst to best.

Here are 7 Russian cadet twerking parody videos:

7. Hockey Players

This group of hockey players starts our list. Their video is short, not creative and they’re fully clothed in it, too. Next!


6. Scarf Wearing Students

This one, featuring a group of students, also doesn’t really have a wow factor. There’s nothing too special about it, though the students are mostly keeping their faces covered by scarfs (which is actually kind of hot).


5. Booty Popping Emergency Workers

This parody features a group of emergency service workers. They really know how to shake their booties — just watch it.


4. Sassy Workers at McDonald’s

This parody is a bit more tame because it features the workers of a Russian McDonalds. However, they still get down and pretty sassy with their routine. They’re on the clock, so most of their routine includes wiping down dirty trays or mopping up the floors. We’re loving it!


3. Underwear Water Twerkers

These swimmers are sexy and they twerk under water? Double win.


2.  Quirky Theatre Troupe

While not the sexiest (unless you’re into furries and clown sex, and there’s nothing wrong if you are), this parody hails from a quirky theater troupe. The ending result is a fanciful tour de force featuring big bad wolves, purple Teletubbies, clowns and fairies.


1. Sexy Construction Workers

Our favorite has to go to this group of construction workers. This is our favorite just because of the shower moment near the end, the hard hats and that one guy’s body in the beginning.

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