Russian IKEA Yanks Winning Gay Couple From Online Catalog Cover Contest

Russian IKEA Yanks Winning Gay Couple From Online Catalog Cover Contest

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This image now appears in the place where the gay couple’s image once appeared. A Russian reader tells us it says that the photo was removed “on a demand”. But whose?

PIC OF THE DAY – Russian gay couple Lev Polyakov and his boyfriend pose were reportedly winning an online vote to appear on the cover of an upcoming IKEA catalog, until their photo mysteriously disappeared from the contest website. IKEA had told Gay Star News that they would feature whoever won the contest, adding, “In the contest, as in any activities promoted by IKEA, the very same non-discriminating principles apply.” Apparently that has changed, for some reason, and even though Gay Star News says the photo has been restored on the website, it doesn’t appear that way on our end.

According to Gay Star News, “Young people on Russian social media site VK are leading the campaign, with group organizers from ‘Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality’ urging their 20,000 followers to vote for the same-sex couple.” The couple had over 7,600 votes before being yanked from the contest.

In March of 2015, IKEA shut down the Russian website for its IKEA Family Live magazine in fear that it might run afoul of Russia’s infamous 2013 “gay propaganda law” which fines anyone who distributes “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships.”  In November 2013, IKEA removed a lesbian couple from their Russian catalog to avoid violating the law.

Meanwhile in America, IKEA has placed an interracial gay couple in its American catalog (below).

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